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Drunk in the Bathtub, Again.
Tales of a Working Class Trophy Wife
I'm still here. I'm just having a busy life. So, I'll run through the quick update.

Now, both the pets are sick. Frodo started in with a bout of pancreatitis last weekend and he's still recoving from that. Merv is somewhat better, but making slow progress. We're probably going to start him on Predisone in the next couple of weeks to see if that knocks out whatever it is that is making him less than perfect in the health department.

Nothing much has happened with the house. I got out and planted some bulbs in my cut flower bed yesterday. I have an entire grocery sack of iris rhisomes because I dug up some ancient irises and divided them. They literally had root clumps that were 2'x1' and produced about 20 useable rhisomes each. So, if anyone in PDX wants some irises for their yard, shoot me an email. The Bodyguard has been sprinkling fava beans around the yard to get some nitrogen in the soil. We still have some indoor projects to tackle this winter, but none of it is pressing. I'd like to fix up the kitchen fixtures, and we need to add and swap out lighting throughout the house. We're thinking of putting a new metal roof on this summer, but we may wait another year or so.

So far, I've lost 7 pounds over the course of 8 weeks which means I'm still on course for weighing 125 again by the goal date I set for myself. I've discovered that my problem is I don't eat enough food on most days and my metabolism just shuts down. So, the biggest thing I've learned is that I have to make myself eat, and eat enough of the right foods. I also realized that part of my problem is chronic pain that I've just learned to ignore/deal with/ compenstate for. So, I decided to take the plunge and get Rolfed to see if directly addressing the bad muscle memory would help. It's a ten session process, and so far I've had two sessions.

Here's my journaled account from another spot:
Nov 9
I had my first Rolfing session two days ago and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I feel like my hips are sitting better under my torso, which allows me to breathe with much more ease. The therapist figured out exactly where my problem areas are and gave a lot of attention to correcting the other tensed areas in my upper body that are caused by compensating for my weak leg. Overall, I feel like every movement I make is worth more right now. I can't wait to complete the whole series of 10.

Nov 20
I had my second session on Friday. This was the session where he worked on my "gravity" or the sense of connection to the ground.

Since my legs are a main area of concern for me, and they pretty much feel like clubs I balance on, I expected this one to be a little difficult. I did have a harder time breathing, because some of the work on my calves was "painful", but it was more like a really intense pressure.

At the end when he asked me to walk, the change and improvement was immediately noticeable. I literally could feel the ground in the soles of my feet and all the way up through my legs. When he pressed on my shoulders, I could feel the pressure meeting the ground in my heels.

After the session I felt really energized and rode the bus to the grocery store, then home with a load of groceries. Carrying the bags of groceries two blocks to the grocery store was easy, and didn't pain my back. When I got home, my husband immediately noticed and said I seemed a lot different. I spent a hour in my garden with a pick axe and shovel on Saturday and felt fantastic.

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Miss Muffet Miss Muffet

Just in time to give you nightmares before Halloween...

Miss Muffet, our garage guardian, says "hello", and would like to introduce you to her new, very affectionate pet.

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I, being 32 and showing it, have decided to go on a diet.

This means very little cheese. This means saying no to free drinks. This means I should participate in more *ehem* calorie burning activities.

The goal is to fit into my uber fabulous size 14UK Burberry gray wool skirt, among other things. When the wardrobe starts to suffer, a diet is in order.
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So, I spent the last week in Atlanta. The conference was alright, but nothing phenomenal. Now, when I say I was in Atlanta, I really mean that I was trapped in Buckhead. Lenox Mall, enough said. Despite the fact that the Crowne Plaza has the most comfortable beds in the world, the combination of air sickness and bad food took its toll on me. And, I was feeling under the weather the entire time. I imagine that I looked it too, which only added to the stress. I have to muster up a lot of energy to talk to Sales folk, and that pretty much drained me. I spent the whole last day cowering in the corner with the developers, cracking stupid geek jokes.

The flight back was uneventful, but the process of getting to any flight was a trial. It took us 3 hours to get to our gate. First, our flight was late and we had to wait in a huge queue to get a flight reassigned, then another huge queue to get checked in on another airline. Then came the TSA nightmare that is known as Friday in Atlanta, complete with "special screening". I suspect we were flagged because the tickets we used were technically "purchased" the same day. You'd think they could figure out how to sort out the difference between an individual purchasing a ticket, and an airline purchasing that fare for them to make good on a late flight.

So, I finally get home and crash at around midnight. Then I get up in the morning and it just gets better. Morning was normal, grocery shopping got done and then...

Merv has some sort of bizarre "trauma" to his penis. Yes, his penis. So, we have to take him to Dove Lewis, and they "clean him up" and put a catheter in him. So, my Saturday had a big turd in the middle of it as usual, and I now have to drain a catheter on my cat every 6 hours, and let it drip for 1/2 hour. YIPPEE. And today, there was blood in the urine, which resulted in another rush over to Dove Lewis, where they informed me that it was due to irritation of the bladder from the catheter. So, not only is my world all about cat pee, right now...It's about bloody cat pee. Not to mention, It's Merv, the light of my life and when anything goes wrong with Merv, my whole world is fucked.

Stress levels are high around here.
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Fucking Brilliant.
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Me and my Mouse

Our friendly neighborhood non-denominational church is internet savvy. They even have a live webcast of all their services.
Me and my Mouse
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Three options
Originally uploaded by psymonetta.
Poll #816233 Colors

Which color?


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Originally uploaded by psymonetta.
I like coming home.
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Hey, circumambulate, check it out. It's your favorite sort of home improvement project: removing wallpaper from plaster walls!


Any pointers?
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I'm drinking the lukewarm half of a 8oz $5.00 cup of coffee that the Bodyguard brought me. Whole bean, it sells for $52.00 a pound. It's Panamanian, very bright but has a nice round heavy quality. I taste orange peel, dark chocolate and tomato. Yes, tomato. Or maybe it's some sort of tobacco quality...definitely a nightshade.
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We just gave Merv a bath.

I'm drinking hot broth and sweatng. I'm going to take a cold bath soon. Maybe, after I sort through all my clothes and pull out the ones I don't wear anymore.

The All Girl Barbeque started about 36 minutes ago. But, Cupcake claims that it will go on until midnight. I figured I'd show around 6 pm with the pile of clothes to trade. It's too hot to cook today. Maybe I'll just stop at the liquor store and get some booze to share. Booze is always good.
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Just a reminder for y'all who may have missed it the first time. The new house blog is up here: http://psymonetta.com/houseblog

Or you can subscribe to it via LJ here: blue_house
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Turquoise and Orange

My two favorite colors are turquoise and orange. I'm not sure why, but they've always resonated with me.
Turquoise and Orange
Merv in the chair

Merv is a sort of buff orange color. I always joke that we choose our turquoise furniture to go with him.
Merv in the chair

I've been enjoying taking photos today. My father is going to lend me his SLR camera soon. I might start playing with black and white photography again. I'd like to take interesting black and white photos of naturally occuring patterns and then transfer them to canvas. You'd think using a digital camera would be easier, but the quality of the blacks just isn't the same.
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Devine Rain

This is the new color. I'm very happy. It's dark without sucking light. I'm probably going to try to keep a monochromatic gray feeling in the room and just let my art and the caramel colored desk and floors be the color in the room. It's very restful.
Devine Rain
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I really can't deal with the gecko. I like the color in theory. I like the color as a color, but I can't live with it. And, since I'm the person using this room all the time, the gecko has to go.

Of course, this means the curtains are a wash too, since I chose the fabric based on trying to work with the gecko. The blinds will stay. I'll probaly be able to sell the curtains on ebay.
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Sock Monkeys Sock Monkeys

We added some blinds and sock monkeys to the room today. I don't know if we'll keep the table in this room. Right now it's in here because I use it when I'm sewing.
OK Computer OK Computer

The Bodyguard fixed the outlet, and I moved my computer into the room today. The blinds really help with the glare.
Merv's chair Merv's chair

This is one of the few moments, today, where Merv was not in the chair. I'm definitely going to need to slipcover it. The coarse fabric really grabs at his hair. Eventually, I hope to have a twin bed set up like a day bed in this spot. We're using on adding an upholstered head/side board and a tailored coverlet.

We still need to hang all the art too. I'm really glad there's a picture rail.
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Boomerang Drapes

I know it's a little precious, but this is actually the only fabric I could find that worked with the wall color without being even brighter or louder than the wall color. I lined them with a tea stained muslin, but we'll probably still need to install some sort of shade. The afternoon sun is relentless in this room.

I still need to hem them, but that will need to wait until we figure out how to hang them.
Boomerang Drapes
A close up of the pattern

The fabric is a boomerang pattern and the little pom poms are nearly the same color as the wall color. I like that it's graphic, without being a large scale pattern. The pattern still reads as a neutral. And, the cocoa color is perfect. It will help tie the room in with the master bedroom, which I am going to paint a similar cocoa color.
A close up of the pattern
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Craigs listed chair Craigs listed chair

Here's the room with two coats of paint and a chair from craigslist.

The color is bright. I needs to be toned down a bit. I'm thinking I'll have to bring in a lot of neutral browns to make this room comfortable in its chartreuse skin.
The desk that started it all. The desk that started it all.

This is an oak desk that belonged to my grandmother. I'm not sure who it belonged to before her, but it is definitely from the same period as our house.
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