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Drunk in the Bathtub, Again.

Tales of a Working Class Trophy Wife

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Psymonetta Isnoful
23 February 1974
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my little festival of narcissism

It all began with random fluxations in scalar fields, and now, I am here to torture poets and artists. In order to enhance this compulsive behavior I earned a BA in both Art History and Anthropology. Currently, I am seeking an institution that will instruct me in the ways of the Ultimate Critics or Library Sciences. I know that data and media are plural.

In my youth, I contracted the disease of morbid curiosity. Ever since my initial infection, I have been plagued by a desire to watch Britney Spears videos and quilting shows concurrently. This does not mean I like it. I am a masochist of sorts. My life is slowly becoming a tapestry of pop sensibilities, fusible web, and my true loves that lie on the fringes and refuse to be confined to the surface or appliqued.

I have four sock monkeys.

Strange Romanians claim me as one of their own. Stamps in my passport: England, France, Romania, Hungary, and Austria.


(cc)This Journal is Copyleft. Don't disappoint me.

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